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Here are the TOP 10 Benefits of the Angel Baby Universal Stroller Organizer!  Data and information was gathered from frustrated Mom’s all over the world through complaints of other brand name stroller organizer bags and then compiled into a list. We here at Angel Baby looked at the list and found 10 areas where we could improve the organizer for brand name strollers or jogging strollers. With those 10 areas we were able to manufacture the ULTIMATE Universal -complaint free Stroller Organizer. Take a look at these. To read more about each individual benefit just click on each link.

stroller organizer

1.    Plastic Zipper Bag – Comes in clear re-usable plastic bag with zipper for Storage/Purse use
2.    Fabric – Made of fabric for easy cleaning. Wipe off with a baby wipe if it gets dirty
3.    Fabric Flex technology – A technology that keeps stroller organizer in place whether you are going up or down a steep hil.
4.    Velcro Straps – Longer Velcro straps to adjust grip on stroller handles to ANY stroller brand
5.  Insulation – Double insulation for cup holders
6.  Pockets – Deeper pockets and deeper cup holders
7.  Affordable – Very affordable price for the Quality and Size.
8.  Spacious – Roomy center console
9.  Customized Pockets – Mesh pockets custom sized for keys and cell phones (iphone/android)
10.  LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!! – I think this speaks for itself.

Here is what the founder and inventor had to say….

“If you are tired of spending too much money on flawed stroller organizer – whether the straps were either too small, the cup holders lacked insulation, pockets too small to hold any kind of drink and most importantly they were not safe – you need to go invest in a new Angel Baby stroller,” noted Janeth.

“You will not find a better collapsible baby stroller organizer with this quality and safety that is #1 recommended by so many moms,” added Janeth, Founder.

stroller organizer bag for diapers

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