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Benefit #9

Benefit #9 for the Angel Baby stroller organizer is……Outer Custom MESH POCKETS for CELLS PHONES and KEYS! The stroller accessory in addition to boasting deep pockets has outer pockets that will allow an iphone or android phone with even a bulky otter box or other type of thick cover to still FIT!!! There are 2 mesh pockets on the outside and 1 in the middle for keys.  These items we always need handy at any time during a jog or walk with the baby. This makes it that much easier. There is no phone or phone cover case that cannot fit into this stroller organizer bag. See below a nice picture of how it works.

stroller organizer with cell phone



Benefit #8

Benefit #8 is a DEEP ROOMY CONSOLE in the middle of the stroller organizer that will allow diapers and other bigger items to fit. Even certain size of wipes will fit in this pocket. Because the pocket is 2 inches deeper than all other stroller organizer bag accessories brands it will accommodate a lot more space for anything you want to put in here. You can see here below how you can stuff a bunch of fruit even if you want too!

stroller organizer bag for diapers


Anyone hungry for a little snack while out on the morning jog with the stroller and baby?

Benefit #7

The Benefit #7 for the Stroller Organizer is its affordability factor. Whereas many stroller organizer bags or accessories can cost upwards of around $50 retail, this universal stroller accessory is priced right around $24.95. With all of its extra features this price is sure to catch ones eyes. We understand that a stroller is an expensive investment and we did not want to oversee that. So pricing this Angel Baby accessory for strollers was deeply important to us.

stroller accessories



Benefit #5

Benefit #5 is DEEPER POCKETS for cup holders! So we really saw too many complaints online saying these pockets just were NOT deep enough for bottles and all sorts of drinking containers for babies and for the mothers. We improved on this making our cup holders which are fully insulated a whole 2 INCHES deeper than the leading brand including britax stroller organizer. This is very important and has been tested to be the perfect depth for your bottles and drinks.

stroller organizer bag cup holders“We read online all the complaints by mothers saying the cup holders were too shallow and so we decided to improve upon this making the cup holder pockets an extra 2 1/2 inches deeper than leading brands. We figured mothers would like this additional change.” -Janeth , co-owner

Benefit #4

Benefit #4 is that this Angel Baby stroller organizer comes with  DOUBLE INSULATION in the drink cup holders. This is a very exciting news. After ripping open the Britax stroller organizer and some others we noticed the insulation (if you want to even call it that) was so poorly designed and false advertised. WE made sure that ours is double thick deep to keep your drinks warm or cold. It was a drastic improvement we feel and was worth every penny we spent on making it the perfect amount of insulation for the infant stroller organizer bag. So with this addition this makes it even more universal than it was before.

stroller cup holder insulation

We did not merely double up the fabric like other companies have done in past, but actually inserted REAL insulation into the pockets to give it a very STRONG insulated cup holder to hook on to any stroller and adapt to any climate of drink. ” –Janeth, co-inventor


Benefit #2

We bring you benefit #2 for the Angel Baby stroller organizer. Aside from the nice plastic bag it comes in…. it also has a very sleek POLYESTER fabric that makes for easy cleaning. With one baby wipe you can simply dust or wipe off anything on this infant stroller organizer. The fabric is black and designed for just that.

stroller organizer

Benefit #1

Unlike other brands this Angel Baby stroller organizer has a re-usable bag it comes in. It is a clear plastic bag as seen below with a zipper pocket. Perfect little purse for a little girl. This bag is environmentally friendly. You can see that it has a nice white handle at the top as well. This marks the 1st of 10 benefits that we will post about in our series called the “Top 10 Benefits of the Stroller Organizer”.  Stay tuned for more benefits.


stroller organizer bag


stroller accessories

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