Benefit #4

Benefit #4 is that this Angel Baby stroller organizer comes with  DOUBLE INSULATION in the drink cup holders. This is a very exciting news. After ripping open the Britax stroller organizer and some others we noticed the insulation (if you want to even call it that) was so poorly designed and false advertised. WE made sure that ours is double thick deep to keep your drinks warm or cold. It was a drastic improvement we feel and was worth every penny we spent on making it the perfect amount of insulation for the infant stroller organizer bag. So with this addition this makes it even more universal than it was before.

stroller cup holder insulation

We did not merely double up the fabric like other companies have done in past, but actually inserted REAL insulation into the pockets to give it a very STRONG insulated cup holder to hook on to any stroller and adapt to any climate of drink. ” –Janeth, co-inventor


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